Plan or Repay College Bills

Using HuELOC strategy to pay or repay college loans gives you and your family many more options than you would have using traditional (Savings accounts) or taxable methods (529’s).

LaBroi insurance Group uses Dividend paying high cash value whole life insurance that is structured for the entire college expense profile.

This program benefits in many ways:

    • Use of a percentage of the Cash value while in accumulation phase.
    • Funds can be used for anything not just specific educational expenses – i.e. books, activities, car, housing, etc.
    • Funds earn a consist percentage of interest throughout accumulation phase – grows guaranteed
    • Funds are not subject to calculation in the financial aid formula – In case you can qualify for Aid based on Need.
    • Funds can be planned to have an actual payoff of borrowed funds at a time in the future, which are usually unknown.

If your student earns scholarships and pays for school you can still build an asset that your student can have as their first REAL Collateralized asset – use for leveraging first home, vehicle, apartment, furniture, or use the funds as their own PRIVATE Bank.

The benefits on building your cash value in our system will help you stay in Control of your funds for college savings and beyond.